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Herzpraxis Höngg Clinic


Zurich, Switzerland


Döst Architektur

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Canaria | Dekwall

Swiss studio Dost has transformed a 1960s restaurant into a heart treatment center in Zurich, featuring cork-lined cubicles and waiting rooms. To create this effect, Dekwall was used, visually tying together the entire space. From floor to ceiling, desks, counters, cabinets and walls are covered in cork, creating cork cubes that organize the space and create paths for users. “Natural cork provides for a comfortable sound reverberation, regulates humidity and absorbs odors,” said the architects. “The resulting spaces embody the main values of the clients – care and tranquility.” The use of cork gives a warmer feeling to the white environment, enveloping clients in a sense of peace and providing a natural element to a typically sterile space.

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